Snow Monkey Trip

To experience the real feeling of Japan, take a trip with a twist.


Yamanouchi is a town steeped in the true feel and ambience of Japan. This is the place for truly beautiful memories of your Japanese travels.

●Kyudo (Japanese archery)

Adjacent to “Uotoshi Ryokan” in Yudanaka Onsen is an archery range that accommodates six archers at a time. Visitors are admitted every Wednesday to observe and try their hand at kyudo (¥700 per hour).
Location: Uotoshi Ryokan
Reservations and inquiries: Yamanouchi Town Tourism Association

●Try on a kimono or uchikake

The uchikake is a bridal robe with trailing skirts worn by Japanese brides. Here visitors can try on a kimono or uchikake.
Reservations and inquiries: Yamanouchi Town Tourism Association

●Making hand-made soba noodles

“Sukagawa soba” is a type of buckwheat noodle (soba) made with buckwheat flour from Sukagawa, a region at an elevation of 800m, with fibers made from pokeweed leaves used as binding agent. Participants experience the process of making soba noodles, from grinding soba on a stone quern to rolling the noodles.
Reservations and inquiries: Kita Shiga Kogen Tourism Association/ Yamanouchi Town Tourism Association

●Geisha entertainment

Yugiri is a geisha who speaks English. She can entertain you with graceful dancing to shamisen music, games on the tatami mats and other amusements. Yugiri performs during the dinner hour in guests’ rooms, for a one-hour experience richly steeped in the ancient cultural traditions of Japan.
Reservations and inquiries: Yugiri

●Apple picking

Around mid-September, the natural beauty of Yamanouchi gets an added touch of color with the blooming of apple varieties such as Tsugaru, Akibae, Jonagold, Shinano Sweet and Fuji. Experience harvesting these big apples in the crisp autumn air.
Reservations and inquiries: Yamanouchi Town Tourism Association


At Shiga Kogen Yakebitaiyama Ski Resort, you can rent a part of slope all to yourself and go snowmobiling. With majestic scenery and fine powder snow to play in, you won’t be disappointed.
Reservations and inquiries: Hakuba Lion Adventure